Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Deaths In Iraq War


US 2,245
UK 100*
Italy 27
Ukraine 18
Poland 17
Bulgaria 13
Spain 11
Slovakia 3
El Salvador 2
Estonia 2
Netherlands 2
Thailand 2
Denmark 2
Hungary 1
Kazakhstan 1
Australia 1
Latvia 1


Iraqi military, security and police deaths since official end of the war in June 2003 4,059
Iraqi civilians since end of war: 28,287 - 31,891


Contractors (various nationalities): 353
Journalists: 79 dead (2 missing)

Sources: Iraq body count, The Brookings Institute,, Reporters Without Borders, Project on Defense Alternatives

*The 100th dead British soldier in Iraq "sparked protests once again over this most bitterly divisive of conflicts, with fresh demands for British troops to be pulled out of Iraq. A cross-party group of MPs [Members of Parliament] renewed their calls for an inquiry into Tony Blair's conduct in taking Britain into the war."

Read more in the Independent, and check the Guardian for a list of the names of all the fallen British soldiers, because those cold numbers above represent people with families, with friends, and with names. On tombstones.


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